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How to Post a Private Job

If you end up finding some GravyWork talent that works well at your site, you might end up wanting to limit and choose who you offer your jobs to. Follow this guide to see how to post a private job!

Click the “post a job” or the green plus button at the top left of the page

Click the green “add another location” button to fill in the address of the job site. Finish up this page by entering the date of the job, the start time, and the end time.

Select from the available options, what you need help with in the job you are posting. This will also open a set of subcategories for you to select the exact job you need to hire for.

At the bottom of the page, enter the exact number of employees you need for your job. This will automatically take the number of employees, and hours you need them for, to create a total billing estimate for the overall price of the job.

From the list available choose your preferred dress code for your job. Below your dress code selection, fill in any missing uniform details in the textbox below.

A description of the job you have selected is auto generated below, but you can also edit or add your own personal job description. At the bottom of the page there is a slot for any additional instructions you have on the job.

Instead of clicking, “Post to Job Board” click the option, “Let Me Choose Worker”. This will keep the job private, only offering it to those you invite.

You may then invite employees of your choosing by clicking the “Add Worker +” button.

Select the employees you want to invite to your private job by clicking the small circle to the right of their name, then finish by clicking the “Add” button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can see when I post a private job?

* The only people who can see this job listing, is those who you invite to work the shift. No one else will be able to see the available position.

What is the easiest way to offer private jobs to GravyWork Talent?

* The easiest way to keep track of talent and offer them jobs, would be to add past workers to your favorites list. From there you can immediately offer them future job positions!

Updated on: 03/19/2021

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