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Hiring Workers

If you want to get a jump start on hiring talent for your jobs, follow this guide to show you how to hire/offer your job to potential talent!

When looking for workers for an already posted job, start on the home page by clicking, “My Jobs” and then “Current Jobs”.

Find the job you are looking to hire workers for and click “View Job”. It will expand the job, and give you the option to click on the “Workers” button to see how many slots you need to hire employees for.

By selecting the button, “Add Worker +” you can directly search up workers you would like to offer the job to. This will offer the job directly to the workers of your choice, contacting them, that they can accept the position.

You can also send a notification text to potential workers by clicking the “send notification” button, in the top right hand corner.

To message workers directly, start by clicking on the “Messages” Tab at the top of the screen. You can find each worker by clicking the plus button to start a conversation.

After a worker has picked up your job, click back on the “Workers” button for that job, and click on any of the names that have signed up for the job. This will bring up the account of each worker you click on, allowing you to see their past jobs, past ratings, and provides a quick way to add them to your “Favorites” or “Blocked” list by clicking on the red heart for favorites, or the gray symbol for blocking them. Lastly, you can message them directly by clicking the green speech bubble.

Updated on: 03/19/2021

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