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Correcting Employee's Hours

Did a GravyWork talent make an error when listing their hours, or not show up at all? Follow this guide on how to correct GravyWork Talent’s hours!

In the event that an employee forgets or incorrectly reports their hours, they must be correct from the employers side. To find where to correct these hours click on the, “My Jobs” tab at the top of the screen, followed by the “Past Jobs” button.

On the far right side of the screen, select the, “Not Approved” filter to display all jobs that have hours that need to be approved.

If an employee forgets to list their hours you can enter them manually by clicking the, “add hours” button, filling them in and clicking the “submit” button.

If an employee has incorrectly entered their hours, you can manually enter them by clicking the “Edit Hours” button, filling in the correct hours, and clicking the “submit” button.

If an employee fills in their hours, but does not actually show up to their shift, you can click on the three gray dots on the far right of the page, and select, “Worker did not show up”.

Updated on: 03/19/2021

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