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Parking is not reimbursed.

However, most shift locations have free parking or are accessible via public transportation. If you do need to drive, we recommend using SpotHero and reserving a parking spot the night before your shift to keep parking expenses low.

Remember, not being prepared for parking expenses or not locating a spot in time for your shift are NOT valid excuses for being late or not working. As always, being late or not showing up to a shift can result in your account being suspended or deactivated.

If you entered the job address into your GPS or phone and can't find your job, check the job description in the app for any special instructions. Sometimes the job description will provide extra instructions on where to meet for a job to check-in.

If this doesn't answer your question, the next step is to message the Gravy Work office in the app.

Updated on: 03/25/2021

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