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Payroll Process

You are paid an hourly rate. Pay rates vary based on the role and hour rates range from $13/hour to $35/hour. You will see the hourly rate for each job listed in the app.

All Full GravyWorkers are classified as W2 workers. As a W2 worker you receive net pay. All applicable taxes (Federal, State, and local) are automatically deducted from your gross pay. To access your paystubs go to 'More' then select 'View Pay stubs' and login into Paylocity.

Payment is issued weekly on Fridays.

Setting up direct deposit is recommended. To ensure you receive payment on time, please have the following information match with the bank information provided by your bank institution:

Bank account number (not the 16 digit number on the card)
A valid ACH routing number
Type is a 'Checking' account only
Social Security Number
Federal holidays may sometimes delay your payment due to bank closures. Please take a look ahead to see when your payment will be affected:
Federal bank holidays

How to view your pay:

From the GravyWork 2.0 app:

Click the Profile button from the bottom menu.
Click Payments from the top menu. Here you will be able to see all payments you have earned for completed jobs, on a month-by-month basis.
You can click the download icon below “Last Jobs Paid” for a PDF summary of your earnings statement.
To update your payment information, click “Edit Payment Details” near the top of the screen from the Payments tab.

Need Help?
For additional questions regarding your pay email Be sure to enter your full information and state the problem to expedite the query resolving process.

Updated on: 11/23/2022

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